Costa Rica is one of the 20 countries with the greatest diversity in the world, since it has 6% of the planet’s diversity. Costa Rica has several microclimates and ecosystems, this is because it is located very close to the equator, south of Central America, and has its two coasts surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean. Costa Rica has 25% of its protected natural territory, thanks to all this Costa Rica is a place especially focused on travelers who love nature and ecotourism. Huge amount of travelers visit this country with the idea of ​​visiting the various Natural Parks and enjoy many different options of ecological tourism. There are different tourist services in Costa Rica that offer ecological activities of all kinds, focused on the enjoyment of nature and adventure abroad.

Fauna and flora in Costa Rica

Within the Costa Rican rainforest there are about 6500 species of plants, and also extensive and varied species in its fauna such as: Mammals, Several species of bats, monkeys, felines, dantas, anteaters, manatees. Birds: Macaws, parrots, birds of prey, hummingbirds and quetzales. Reptiles: A large number of turtles of different species, crocodiles and snakes Amphibians Also famous are the orchids that can be seen in Monteverde in abundance.

Geography of Costa Rica

Costa Rica has an isthmic territory since its origins, it functions as a biological bridge where species of flora and fauna belonging to the neo-Antarctic, the Neotropic and some others coexist in the Antilles region. Due to this biodiversity, life zones are located, which range from coastal landscapes located at sea level to paramo landscapes above 3,000 m altitude. In Costa Rica also the Isla del Coco located 480 km southwest of the Osa Peninsula, in the Pacific Ocean, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Forests have special characteristics which proliferate the creation of microclimates and rainforests, cloud forests and dry tropical forests are divided into three groups. Eco resorts in Costa Rica Costa Rica is the ideal place to choose a vacation in nature and respectful of it. There are different options to stay in ecological resorts that have wooden cabins integrated between the trees, near the beach or submerged between mountains near some of the most wonderful volcanoes. You can also enjoy the peace and tranquility of a tropical place, feeling the music of birds and waterfalls by your side .. You can choose between a romantic getaway, an adventure trip with your friends, a family vacation … staying in a rustic but beautiful ecological resort. You can enjoy incredible views in almost any region of this country, from ecological hotels you can appreciate very closely the beautiful biodiversity of Costa Rica. To see the different options of eco hotels in Costa Rica you can consult a guide here.